Believe in miracles

BE8 Jewels by Georgette Polizzi


Strength, determination and courage. These are the values ​​hidden behind the BE8 Jewels creations and which inspired the collaboration with the artist and friend Georgette Polizzi.

A project that was born under the heart. The Love Yourself ring breaths new life in the limited edition version by Georgette Polizzi “Believe in miracles”. More than a jewel, a symbol of hope and rebirth, a precious amulet that invites us to pursue our dreams and never give up.

“I decided to create this ring for each one of you. An everyday jewel that invites you to never stop believing and hoping for miracles.”


Georgette Polizzi


Maxi Heart 925 silver ring
100% handmade in Italy
Side engraving
“Believe in miracles”

Limited edition by Georgette Polizzi
with customized box.

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