“a hymn to being, to the truth,
to the value of everyone”


BE8 is an Italian jewelry brand that wishes to create a high-quality handcrafted product through the sharing and contamination of creative and contemporary minds.


BE8’s journey began in 2013 with the creation of a ring called “Primo Cuore” designed by Beppe Callegari.


A jewel born from a personal experience that became a collection.


BE8 is proud of its roots.
Beppe and his brother Andrea are the third generation of a jewelers’ family. Taste for tradition, obsessive attention to details and great curiosity for what is innovative and unusual are the greatest legacy.
Every jewel is realized in silver 925, gold 9kt and 18kt, adorned with natural gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires.
BE8 is slow jewelry: the production of each jewel is 100% made in Italy, created with passion by artisan goldsmith laboratories. Any differences between the jewels encompass the beauty of each one. And our identity.


The BE8 team is a synergy of passionate people who love to inspire each other and share the same ideals.
Combining visions, experiences and different backgrounds is BE8’s tool to differentiate and grow.


“My job is the best ever. My dream is to turn BE8 not only into a label but into a creative concept lab. A place before than a company, where people can meet and get inspired by each other, by challenging the rules.”


Beppe Callegari


The first Flagship Store entirely dedicated to BE8 was born in 2018 in Padua, hometown of the project. An immersive space where every collection is accompanied by “one of a kind” jewels, design objects, exclusive gifts and special personalized accessories. A small well-being oasis in which you can breathe BE8’s life style.

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In its manifesto, like a story teller, BE8 reveals its dreams and its own research: a diary that tells the collections and invites anyone who has an inspiration to share and participate. Discover our books and enter the world of Be8 Jewels!

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The goal of BE8 is to build a long-lasting relationship with its partners, defining together the path of mutual growth, within a professional, friendly and highly complicit environment.
Visual plays a fundamental role in the success of BE8. Artisan displays, handmade packaging, customized brochures and shoppers are the tools designed to spread the message and values of BE8.


Every year we attend various trade shows where we have the opportunity to tell the philosophy of BE8 Jewels. These events represent an opportunity for us to meet new people and consolidate the relationships with our partners, defining together the path of mutual growth, within a professional, friendly and highly complicit environment.

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